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Coming to the Rescue of Companies with flexible insolvency rules

The stark reality is that despite all the steps the Government are taking, unfortunately a number of companies will find themselves under severe difficulty and pressure over the forthcoming months.  The Government has acknowledged this and put several emergency measures in place. The measures that have been announced will allow firms to continue trading, in…

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How to navigate co-parenting arrangements during lockdown

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on 23rd March 2020, the country has been placed into a police enforced lockdown which has introduced a new raft of restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In such unprecedented times, this has undoubtedly raised questions as to exactly what we can and cannot do. The guidelines state…

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Furlough Leave

Furlough Leave, a phrase which you have possibly never heard of but has an increased significance to both employers and employees.  So, what do we know about it so far? Apart from the announcement by the Chancellor, at the minute very little is known about how the new “Coronavirus Retention Scheme” or “Furlough Leave”, as…

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Coronavirus: Is now the right time to create or update your Will?

The world-wide COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has everyone thinking about what might happen if the disease spreads more fully and rapidly across the general population. Despite best efforts to contain the outbreak, people in lots of countries around the world have contracted Coronavirus. That highlights the need for people to plan for whatever could possibly happen….

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How does COVID-19 impact on private Landlords?

For many people, their buy-to-let property provides an important source of income which they rely upon to service their borrowing, top-up their pension income, or just use as ancillary income. The vast majority of people within the buy-to-let sector are not large scale portfolio Commercial Landlords. To that end, several clients have asked about how…

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Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best

The Prime Minister has declared this the “worst health crisis in a generation”, big words, lots of hype but what effect will this have for the business community in Gloucestershire? Worst case scenario is best explained by the now historic TV show Dad’s Army.  “Don’t panic, don’t panic” is the cry.  Another thought is “we…

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Police Officer discrimination victim wins damages

The Court of Appeal made clear in upholding a substantial damages award whose hearing was mildly impaired that those with  medical conditions or incapacities are not so serious as to amount to disabilities can win compensation if they suffer discrimination in the workplace. The Court of Appeal made that clear in upholding a substantial damages…

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Injured stable worker wins substantial damages

If you are injured at work due to your employer’s failure to keep you reasonably safe, you should seek legal advice straight away. A livery stables worker who did just that after she was injured by a spooked horse won more than £90,000 in damages. Outline of the Case The experienced equestrian was exercising a…

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A Well-Meaning Marketing Campaign ruled as ‘Discriminatory’

There is a risk that well-meaning or light-hearted marketing or advertising campaigns inadvertently stray into the realms of discrimination. A brewery fell into that trap when it marketed a cut-price beer only to those who identified as women in a satirical attempt to highlight the gender pay gap. What Happened? A customer issued proceedings against…

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The rights of Tenants Q&A

With the prospect of becoming a homeowner remaining out of reach for many in England and Wales, more people are choosing to rent rather than purchase a property. But what rights do renters have when it comes to repairs on a property? And what can they do if their landlord decides to increase the cost…

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