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Long Leaseholders Ignore the Terms of Their Leases At Their Peril!

Many long leaseholders mistakenly believe that they have much the same rights as freeholders and can do pretty much what they like with their properties. As one case strikingly showed, however, ignoring the terms of your lease can put both your home and your investment at risk. Outline of the Case The case concerned a…

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What is a Liquidated Debt?

Only liquidated debts, for specific amounts which have been ascertained fully and finally, can form the basis of bankruptcy petitions. As a High Court case shows, discerning which debts fall into that category can be far from straightforward. Outline of the Case The case concerned a businesswoman who had engaged in joint ventures to build…

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Financiers – always put your deals in writing!

One would have thought that sophisticated financial professionals engaged in high value deals would have the sense to get their agreements recorded in writing by a professional. However, that is sadly not universal practice and a High Court case illustrated the kind of disputes to which such failures can give rise. Outline of the Case…

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How we help and support our clients – Q&A

We participated in Solicitors Chat on Twitter this morning about how they give clients peace of mind by providing expert legal advice during what can be a stressful time. Our Litigation Solicitors, Alex Lyttle and James Melvin-Bath, gave us an insight into their day-to-day tasks as a Solicitor. As a solicitor, explain to us how…

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Facing Court action? Don’t bury your head in the sand!

If you are facing court proceedings, burying your head in the sand is the worst option you can take.  You should consult a lawyer immediately. In this case, a pair of business people who failed to take that sensible step were stripped of valuable shareholdings and had their behaviour criticised by the trial judge. Outline…

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Houses in Multiple Occupation – Landlords, Do You Know The Law?

The question of what is and is not a house in multiple occupation (HMO) is far from straightforward to answer, as a recent decision of the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) showed. It was held that landlords who fail to take legal advice on the issue can be hit in the pocket after unwittingly breaching the law….

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DIY Claims – A Good Idea?

With the internet being accessible by more or less everyone, basic legal claims can seem straightforward. Although this is often the case, the Claimant can encounter problems with the Court process. When issuing a claim, the Claimant will submit a claim form including a document setting out the factual and legal circumstances of the dispute…

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Credit card debts – When does the six-year limitation period start to run?

Credit card companies are subject to a six-year time limit in launching proceedings against defaulters, but when exactly does that period begin to run? The Court of Appeal has answered that question in an important ruling for debt recovery specialists. The case concerned a man who was alleged to have defaulted on monthly payments after…

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Debt Recovery Costs

Our debt recovery solicitors, based in Gloucester, can help you quickly recover outstanding debts while freeing you up to focus on running your business Fixed fee consultation We offer a fixed fee initial consultation of £125.00 + VAT for 45 minutes. During this meeting our team will take details of your potential claim and advise…

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