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When your business is owed a debt, it can hurt your cash flow and available capital, as well as being extremely frustrating and time-consuming to deal with. Our debt recovery solicitors, based in Gloucester, can help you quickly recover outstanding debts while freeing you up to focus on running your business.

Wherever possible, we will recover outstanding payments without resorting to litigation as we appreciate that it is often desirable to maintain a positive relationship with those who owe you money. However, where necessary there are a number of options we can pursue through the courts to secure payment.

As well as recovering outstanding debts, our solicitors can also advise you on amending your credit control processes to prevent future issues, including revising your payment terms and conditions and credit documentation. This can help to ensure your cash flow is less vulnerable in future.

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Our business debt recovery services

If you or your business are owed a debt, we have a number of legal options we can use to help recover the outstanding money quickly and cost-effectively while minimising the time and effort involved for you.

Our debt recovery process

Letter before action

In many cases, a letter from our solicitors is enough to prompt payment of an outstanding debt. We will clearly state how much is owed, what for and when the payment was originally due, as well as setting a final date for payment to be received and warning that further action will be taken if the debt is not cleared.

This approach usually achieves fast payment and also keeps the matter professional, which can help to maintain a positive relationship with the person or organisation that owes you money.

Court proceedings

If the debtor ignores our attempts to contact them on your behalf, disputes the debt or refuses to pay, we can initiate court action to resolve the situation. We can submit a claim to the relevant court, detailing how much is owed and by whom. At this point, we can also add to the claim any interest owed on the debt and a contribution towards your legal costs.

The court will then contact the debtor, giving them 14 days to make a payment or dispute your claim. If they choose to challenge your claim, they will be given an additional 14 days to submit their defence. If the debtor does challenge the claim, we can represent you in court with all the necessary evidence to achieve a fair result.

County Court Judgement (CCJ)

If the debtor still fails to pay and does not submit a successful defence against the claim, the court can then issues a County Court Judgement (commonly known as a CCJ) against them.

The CCJ will state the amount owed and give the debtor a deadline (usually a month from the CCJ being issued) to make payment. If the debtor still fails to make a payment, the CCJ will appear on their credit record for the next 6 years, making it very difficult for them to borrow money in future. The threat of a CCJ on their record is usually enough to make even the most reluctant people clear their debt to you.

Enforcement actions

Where a CCJ is issued and the debt is still not cleared, we can apply to a court for various enforcement actions to recover the money owed.

Available debt enforcement actions include:

  • Warrant of Execution – This gives a court-appointed bailiff the power to visit the debtor and demand payment, as well as empowering them to seize goods up to the value of the judgement if required.
  • Charging Order – This places a charge on the debtor’s property, meaning if they sell or remortgage, they must repay their debt from the money raised.
  • Order of Sale – This compels the debtor to sell their property to repay the debt.
  • Attachment of Earnings Order – If the debt is owed by an individual, this can be used to force their employer to deduct money from their salary to repay the money owed.

Why choose Tayntons debt recovery solicitors?

Tayntons’ debt recovery solicitors have a strong track record of successfully securing payment of outstanding debts for businesses in Gloucester, Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean and throughout Gloucestershire.

We offer a fixed fee debt recovery service for simple uncontested debts, helping to ensure that recovering outstanding payments stays cost-effective. For contested debts and other situations where court action is required, we will provide a transparent breakdown of our fees at the outset, allowing you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

We take pride in offering an efficient, responsive service with fast, clear communication being one of our core strengths. We will ensure that there is always someone available to deal with your questions and any issues that arise and that your options are explained to you in plain English.

At Tayntons, our solicitors are focused on protecting you and your business, ensuring you can run your operation effectively and achieve your commercial objectives.

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