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Managing the relationship between landlord and tenant well ensures that both get what they need out of a tenancy. Creating a strong tenancy agreement reduces the potential for any conflict and, where issues do arise, finding ways to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively with minimal conflict protects both parties’ interests.

Our landlord and tenant solicitors in Gloucester work with commercial landlords and tenants throughout Gloucestershire, including in Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean. We can help you draft or review a tenancy agreement, deal with issues such as dilapidation and rent arrears and offer fast, effective tenancy dispute resolution.

Thanks to our years of experience in this area of law, we can anticipate many of the issues that could affect a tenancy, allowing us to take proactive measures that save you time and money. Where problems cannot be avoided, we know the most effective ways to resolve them, allowing you to achieve a positive outcome quickly

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Our landlord & tenant services

We offer a comprehensive legal service for landlords and tenants in Gloucester, Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean and throughout Gloucestershire.

Legal services for landlords

We regularly help landlords with issues including:

  • Drafting, reviewing and amending leases and tenancy agreements
  • Licences to Occupy
  • Rent arrears
  • Evictions
  • Deposit protection schemes

Legal services for tenants

We help tenants with issues such as:

  • Break clauses/ending a tenancy early
  • Dilapidation issues
  • Deposit disputes
  • Landlord harassment

Landlord & tenant dispute resolution

We aim to resolve all disputes amicably, without the need for court action, wherever possible. Our landlord and tenant solicitors are highly experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including through negotiation and mediation.

By taking a more collaborative approach to resolving disputes, we can help you find a solution faster and more cost-effectively while preventing unnecessary conflict. This can make it easier to maintain a positive relationship, which is usually to everyone’s benefit, especially if you wish to continue the tenancy going forwards.

However, we know that not all landlord and tenant disputes can be resolved in this way and we are fully prepared to effectively represent your interests in court where required. We have the experience and expertise you need to put together the strongest possible case so you can achieve a fair outcome.

Why choose Tayntons landlord & tenant solicitors?

Tayntons’ landlord and tenant team have many years of experience helping to make the process of renting property as simple and stress-free as possible for people and businesses in Gloucester and throughout Gloucestershire, including Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean.

We understand that every property and landlord-tenant relationship is unique, so will take the time to understand your situation and exactly what you need to happen. We will then explain your options in plain English, along with a transparent breakdown of our fee structure, meaning you can have complete confidence about the choices you make and how they fit with your overall priorities.

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