Online Wills

We are able to offer an automated online Will writing service which is suitable for straightforward Wills.

It is a quick and simple process to make an online Will.

If you would like to make an automated online Will then please click the following link, Tayntons Online Wills

What do I do next?

Once you have clicked the link above you will need to register for our service and complete the online Will questionnaire.

Your Will is prepared automatically, by our Will generation Software, relying upon the answers you have provided in your completed Will questionnaire. You should therefore check your answers carefully before selecting the Will package you want to use.

You will be able to download your Will after you have paid our fees. When you download your Will you will also get an explanation sheet explaining the clauses in it as well as detailed instructions about how to complete the Will.

How long will it take?

 Completing the online Will questionnaire is a simple process and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

How much will my online Will cost?

 The cost of a single Will is £150.00 including VAT. You and your partner can also make mirror Wills at a cost of £225.00 including VAT.

Can I make an online Will?

 You can make an online Will if you:

    • Are domiciled in England and Wales,
    • Understand the English Language,
    • Have sufficient mental capacity to make a Will,
    • Are able to read and write in English,
    • Are 18 years old or over, and
    • Understand the nature and purpose of making a Will.

Is our online Will writing service right for you?

Our online will writing service is suitable for straight forward Wills that do not require any Inheritance Tax planning.

This service is not suitable if you;

    • Are being influenced by anyone in answering the questions or providing the information
    • Are being coerced in to making a Will or are subject to undue influence
    • Are domiciled outside of England and Wales
    • Own property outside England and Wales
    • Intend to leave England and Wales on a permanent basis
    • Have a business of farming interests
    • Wish to leave any land, building, timeshare or intellectual property as a separate gift
    • Wish to leave anything of value to a person who has a learning disability and/or dependent on means tested benefits
    • Are excluding someone from your Will that might reasonably expect to be provided for (for example a spouse, a child or someone who is dependent on you).

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