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Operating a business brings with it a number of legal challenges that can negatively impact your commercial interests if not handled correctly. Ensuring you comply with all of the relevant legislation and have the right legal framework in place for your business keeps you legally protected and can prevent many issues that could hurt your commercial interests.

Tayntons’ corporate law solicitors, based in Gloucester, have many years of experience supporting local and national businesses with all matters related to corporate law. Whether you are starting, running, buying or selling a business, we have the expertise to help you make the right choices so you can make the most of opportunities, minimise your risk and protect your commercial interests.

We offer a tailor-made service to fit your needs, working to proactively prevent problems and find fast, cost-effective solutions where issues do arise. Our aim is to build close, long-lasting relationships with our clients while adding value to your business. Our corporate lawyers are available whenever you need us, with fast, clear communication being one of our core strengths.

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Our corporate law services

Our corporate lawyers regularly help businesses of all sizes across various industries with a wide range of legal issues related to corporate law. Our corporate law team can help you with all of the legal aspects of starting, running, buying and selling a business.

Company law

All registered companies in the UK are regulated by company law. Our expert company law solicitors can help you adhere to the correct legal framework and offer support and guidance on all aspects of company law so your business stays legally compliant.

Starting a business

There are various legal aspects to starting a new business to ensure you get off on a sound footing. Our corporate lawyers can help you with everything from choosing the right way to legally structure your business and applying for relevant permits and licences to securing business premises.

Acquisitions, mergers, disposals & restructuring

Businesses frequently need to adapt to match the changing needs of the market. From buying and selling a business to merging or restructuring, our expert corporate law team can make these processes smoother, more effective and less costly.

Share sales and asset sales

When buying a business, the deal will generally be structured as a ‘share purchase’ or ‘asset purchase’. A share purchase means buying some or all of the shares in a business, while an asset purchase involves buying some or all of the assets belonging to a business, rather than buying the business as a going concern.

We can advise you on all aspects of share purchase and asset purchase deals. This includes drafting, reviewing and amending share purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements to make sure the deal is legally sound, protects your interests and matches your business goals.

Partnership agreements & shareholder agreements

Effectively setting out the relationship between the partners or shareholders in a business is essential. At Tayntons we provide advice and guidance on preparing agreements that ensure your operation can run smoothly while protecting the interests of the business and those of the shareholders or partners.

Commercial contracts

All businesses have to deal with contracts, be that with service providers, employees or suppliers. Our commercial contract solicitors can ensure your contracts cover all of the relevant legal details essential for smooth operations and successful business relationships, as well as offering fast solutions for issues such as breach of contract.

Bespoke corporate legal consultancy

We understand that every business is unique, with its own specific legal requirements. If your company or organisation requires advice or support in any area of corporate law, our corporate law consultants in Gloucester can provide tailor-made legal solutions to fit your needs.

Why choose Tayntons corporate solicitors for your business?

Tayntons’ strong team of corporate law solicitors has been working with various businesses in Gloucester for many years, as well as assisting companies throughout Gloucestershire, including Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean.

We offer a modern, efficient legal service, focused on achieving the best results for your commercial interests while ensuring your business can operate effectively and stay legally protected. Our experience allows us to quickly find the right legal options for your business, ensuring your company and business transactions run smoothly and adding value to your commercial enterprises.

Our clients tell us that they value the depth and breadth of our expertise in all areas of corporate law, our commercially-minded approach and the fact that our solicitors are always available, ready to offer fast legal solutions and advice in plain English.

We offer a free initial consultation for corporate clients so we can understand your requirements and suggest an appropriate course of action and fee structure before you make a commitment.

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