Cyber crime and fraud warning

Please be aware of cyber-crime. Cybercrime is a major risk so it is important to take care when sending or receiving emails or making payments.

Email scam warning

Email is not a secure means of communication.

Fraudsters can intercept and amend emails or spoof email addresses.

It is therefore important to exercise caution when opening any e-mails, attachments or clicking links and when responding to any requests for your bank details.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of the email then please call the sender on a trusted number (not a number in the email) to check.

Bank account fraud warning

Our bank account details will NOT change during the course of a transaction.

We will not:

  • Contact you by phone or email to advise you that we have changed our bank details or,
  • Ask you to send us your bank details by email

If you do receive any such communication it will be a scam, and fraud. Please ignore it and notify us.

Tayntons will not accept liability if you transfer money to an incorrect account.

To contact us please call 0800 158 4147 or 03330 145451 or email

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