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Government Updates: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, Job Support Scheme, Job Retention Bonus, and paying back claims made in error

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme As the nation once again adjusts to a second national lockdown, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has announced a five-month extension of the coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS) from 31 October to 31 March. The CJRS more commonly known as the furlough scheme required employers to contribute from 1 August 2020. From…

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Are you Futureproof?

By now I am sure your families and you have developed a new if slightly surreal daily routine of working from home and homeschooling (also known as riot police training) the kids.  Some parts of Europe have eased their lockdown restrictions and though in the UK the government have announced another 3 weeks of lockdown…

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Coming to the Rescue of Companies with flexible insolvency rules

The stark reality is that despite all the steps the Government are taking, unfortunately a number of companies will find themselves under severe difficulty and pressure over the forthcoming months.  The Government has acknowledged this and put several emergency measures in place. The measures that have been announced will allow firms to continue trading, in…

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Furlough Leave

Furlough Leave, a phrase which you have possibly never heard of but has an increased significance to both employers and employees.  So, what do we know about it so far? Apart from the announcement by the Chancellor, at the minute very little is known about how the new “Coronavirus Retention Scheme” or “Furlough Leave”, as…

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Police Officer discrimination victim wins damages

The Court of Appeal made clear in upholding a substantial damages award whose hearing was mildly impaired that those with  medical conditions or incapacities are not so serious as to amount to disabilities can win compensation if they suffer discrimination in the workplace. The Court of Appeal made that clear in upholding a substantial damages…

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A Well-Meaning Marketing Campaign ruled as ‘Discriminatory’

There is a risk that well-meaning or light-hearted marketing or advertising campaigns inadvertently stray into the realms of discrimination. A brewery fell into that trap when it marketed a cut-price beer only to those who identified as women in a satirical attempt to highlight the gender pay gap. What Happened? A customer issued proceedings against…

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Does sexual stereotyping in the workplace exist?

Businesses in which women are under-represented in senior roles invite speculation that the imbalance results from discriminatory sexual stereotyping. A case in the context of the banking sector highlights, Employment Tribunals (ETs) are required to base their decisions not on perception but hard evidence. Outline of the case The case concerned a female vice-president who…

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Oral offers are easy to make – but make sure it’s on paper!

Those intent on changing jobs can easily have their heads turned by glittering offers of remuneration and benefits made over lunch and a handshake. As one case strikingly highlights, it is written terms of engagement that matter.  Taking expert advice is the best way to avoid bitter disappointment. What happened? The case concerned two very…

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Settling Your Differences

With the current economic uncertainty, the number of Settlement Agreements (previously Compromise Agreements) being offered to employees has greatly increased.  They are typically used in redundancy situations. It is a document that many of us have heard of but what is it and what does it do? In essence, it is a legally binding contract,…

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