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Why you should make a Will and LPA if you are buying a property

Buying a property?  It’s time to make a Will and an LPA. If you are buying a property, you should make or review your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for the following reasons: Property is one of the biggest assets you will own so it’s important to consider who you want to inherit…

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Why you need to make a Will and LPA if you are getting divorced or separated

Going through a divorce or separation?  It’s time to make a Will and an LPA. If you are getting divorced or separating from your spouse or partner, you should make or review your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for the following reasons: Your previous Will remains valid even after your divorce. However, any…

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New ‘no-fault’ divorce law comes into effect

The long-awaited Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 (the Act) finally becomes law on 6 April 2022. Tayntons’ Head of Family Law and partner Chris Price takes a look at the changes it will make and how they may be beneficial for those seeking a divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership as well…

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How to prepare for a financial dispute resolution hearing

If you are going through a divorce, you need to ensure that a financial order is made to prevent claims against you in the future. A financial dispute resolution hearing is a private court hearing at which you and your former partner will try to reach an agreement over issues such as property, finances and…

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Can I keep the house if I get divorced?

For many couples, their shared home is their main asset. This means that it can be difficult to divide it when a relationship breaks down, particularly if the other available assets are not worth as much. It can also be stressful to have to consider the possibility of selling your home, particularly at a time…

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Dealing with child contact over the Christmas holidays

If you have separated from your children’s other parent, the thought of Christmas can be difficult. Both parents are likely to want to spend some quality time with their children and tensions may arise if you both want to have contact on the same dates. Christopher Price, partner at Gloucester law firm Tayntons, and head…

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Dealing with a family business in a divorce

If you or your spouse has an interest in a business, there will always be arguments as to whether or not this should be taken into account during a divorce and treated as a matrimonial asset. If you have been in a long marriage, then the law aims to divide assets equally. This can be…

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What will happen to the children if I get divorced?

For parents, the hardest part of a divorce often relates to issues surrounding their children. There are natural concerns over where they will live, how long they will spend with each parent and how they will adjust to the changes. Agreeing arrangements for children Ideally, you and your children’s other parent will agree on the…

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What is financial disclosure?

During a divorce, when issues arise over finances, both parties will be required to fully disclose their financial situation to each other. Once full disclosure has been made, you can move on to negotiating a financial settlement. The more efficiently the disclosure stage of the divorce is dealt with, the quicker and more cost-effective the…

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Can my ex relocate and take my child with them?

It can be very distressing after a separation to find out that your ex-partner wishes to move to a different part of the country. There is no legal requirement for them to obtain the consent of the court to a move, so if you are concerned about the proposed relocation, you should consider your options….

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