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How does COVID-19 impact on private Landlords?

For many people, their buy-to-let property provides an important source of income which they rely upon to service their borrowing, top-up their pension income, or just use as ancillary income. The vast majority of people within the buy-to-let sector are not large scale portfolio Commercial Landlords. To that end, several clients have asked about how…

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Don’t be caught out by EPCS!

It was over 10 years ago that law was passed to make it compulsory for the sale of the Property to have an Energy Performance Certificate in place. It is also a legal requirement for an EPC to be in place for letting of a residential or commercial property (unless one of the exemptions apply)….

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Contracting to buy property without finance in place is a high-risk strategy

The decision in Oakley & Others v Harper McKay relates to a commercial transaction. The Court’s decision re-affirms existing law and, on the facts of the case, the result is hardly surprising. Most buyers of commercial and residential property will choose to take advice from a Solicitor and are very unlikely to find themselves in…

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Our Commercial Team is growing!

Introducing Laurence Lucas, Commercial Property Partner here at Tayntons. Laurence is joining Tayntons with a wealth of experience and knowledge within Commercial Property, having specialised in this area of Law since 2000. He has lived in Gloucester for over 20 years and is a Governor at High School for Girls in Denmark Road. “Tayntons has…

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Landlord & Tenant Solicitors

Managing the relationship between landlord and tenant well ensures that both get what they need out of a tenancy. Creating a strong tenancy agreement reduces the potential for any conflict and, where issues do arise, finding ways to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively with minimal conflict protects both parties’ interests. Our landlord and tenant solicitors…

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Commercial lease solicitors

Whether you are a commercial landlord with property to let, or a business looking for premises to rent, establishing the terms of the lease and effectively managing the landlord-tenant relationship are essential for protecting your business interests. Our commercial lease solicitors, based in Gloucester, have many years of experience helping landlords and tenants to create…

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Commercial conveyancing

When buying or selling business premises or a development site, or taking part in any other kind of property transaction, it is essential to get the legal process right so that we can ensure that there are safeguards to protect you and your business and allow you to achieve your goals. Our commercial conveyancing solicitors,…

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Caroline Nemecek joins Tayntons commercial property team

The commercial property team at Gloucester Tayntons solicitors has been given a boost with the appointment of Senior Associate Caroline Nemecek. Caroline has more than ten years experience as a commercial property specialist and says it is an exciting time to be working in Gloucester. She previously worked with a large regional law firm in…

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Commercial property disputes

Disputes over commercial property, whether between a landlord and tenant, property developer and contractor, or in any other context, can be highly disruptive to your business, costing you time, money and stress to resolve and negatively impacting your business objectives. Our commercial property dispute resolution solicitors, based in Gloucester, have been helping businesses and individuals…

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Corporate Law Solicitors

Operating a business brings with it a number of legal challenges that can negatively impact your commercial interests if not handled correctly. Ensuring you comply with all of the relevant legislation and have the right legal framework in place for your business keeps you legally protected and can prevent many issues that could hurt your…

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