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Victims of Uninsured Drivers Celebrate Landmark High Court Ruling

If people are injured by uninsured drivers on private land, are they entitled to compensation? In a landmark decision, the High Court has answered that question with a resounding yes. The case concerned a pedestrian who was walking across a private field when he was struck and catastrophically injured by an uninsured 4×4 vehicle. The…

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Road Traffic Accidents Q&A

Our Trainee Legal Executive, Kate Shields, has answered the most commonly asked questions about Road Traffic Accidents. Do you have to be the driver of a car to make a road traffic accident claim? No, it is not only the driver of the car that can make a claim for personal injury. Any innocent party…

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Disabled Girl, 11, Wins NHS Compensation Package Worth £22 Million

Compensation awards to clinical negligence victims may seem generous, but long lives and the escalating costs of care mean that they are no larger than needed. That was certainly so in the case of a seriously disabled 11-year-old girl whose lawyers succeeded in negotiating a settlement of her claim worth over £20 million. The girl’s…

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Disabled Boy, Six, Wins NHS Compensation Package Worth £17 Million

Clinical Negligence in the first hours and days a six-year-old boy won eight-figure damages from the NHS shows that specialist lawyers are always there to ensure that lessons are learned and just compensation paid. Outline of case The much-wanted boy was born following a surrogate pregnancy. After his delivery, however, medical staff failed to notice…

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Assault Victim Misled by Hospital Receptionist Wins Compensation Fight

Providing misleading information can be just as effective in causing injury as physical acts of negligence. The Supreme Court made that point in guaranteeing substantial compensation to an assault victim who was wrongly informed by an accident and emergency (A&E) department receptionist that he would have to wait hours before receiving medical attention. The man…

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Mother of Disabled Child Ruled a ‘Primary Victim’ of Hospital Negligence

In a ground-breaking case, a heartbroken mother who was left traumatised after her daughter was born gravely disabled as a result of hospital negligence has won more than £75,000 in compensation from the NHS. The High Court found that the mother was a primary victim of her daughter’s delayed delivery. The mother was stricken by…

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Disabled Boy Aged Six Wins Record £37 Million in NHS Compensation

Compensation awards to clinical negligence victims may sometimes appear eye-wateringly large but, with the ever-increasing cost of professional care, they are never any more than is needed. That was certainly so in one case, in which a six-year old boy won a record payout from the NHS worth over £37 million. The boy suffered catastrophic…

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Which Motor Insurer Bears Liability? High Court Clarifies the Law

UK motor insurance policies cover the driver, not the vehicle, and disputes can arise if multiple insurers bear potential liability following an accident. In resolving one such disagreement, the High Court gave guidance that will provide invaluable in resolving many others in the future. The case concerned an accident in which a car left the…

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Under-settlement of personal injury claims

Most personal injury claims are settled out of court, meaning the amount of compensation secured is usually based on a combination of the value the lawyers for each side put on the claim and their respective skill at negotiation. While this approach normally allows claims to be resolved faster, at lower expense and with less…

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