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Insurers’ Liability in Clinical Negligence Group Action Limited to £10 Million

The wording of even widely used insurance policies is often not as neat and elegant as it should be and that is why judges are so frequently called upon to resolve issues of interpretation. One example concerned a medical company’s multi-million-pound claim on its insurers in respect of more than 700 unnecessary, inappropriate and negligent…

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£9 Million damages won by Mother in ‘wrongful birth’ case

In an extremely rare wrongful birth case, a woman who would have terminated her pregnancy had she been aware that her son would be born gravely disabled has won a record £9 million in compensation from a negligent GP. The woman was aware that haemophilia ran in her family and had attended her local surgery…

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Vaginal mesh – Have you been affected by this procedure?

What is vaginal mesh? Vaginal mesh is a medical device that is surgically implanted into women who are suffering from pelvic prolapse or stress urinary incontinence. Initially becoming popular in the 1970’s, reports show that between April 2007 and March 2015 more than 92,000 women in England had vaginal mesh implants. There are a number…

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Head & Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Head or brain injuries can be extremely serious with potentially life-changing effects. Suffering such an injury can significantly impact your day-to-day life with implications for your short and long-term health. Specialist legal support is therefore essential so you can secure compensation where possible. The personal injury team at Tayntons is highly experienced in dealing with…

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Professional Negligence - Tayntons

Professional Negligence Solicitors For Business

In business, you often have to rely on the professional advice of others when making key decisions, as well as using professional services to facilitate the effective running of your operations. If those professionals make mistakes it can seriously harm your business and you may have grounds for a professional negligence claim. Knowing exactly when…

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Personal injury settlement disputes

Personal injury settlement disputes If you believe that you have received compensation for a personal injury that is under-value then you may be able to dispute this. Personal injury claims is a growing area and sometimes settlements fall short. This is usually as a result of inadequate knowledge or expertise or even mishandling on the…

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Personal injury trust

Personal injury trust If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you may be eligible for compensation. A personal injury trust is designed to protect you against losing your state benefit entitlement if your claim is successful. Why do you need a personal injury trust? Depending on the level of…

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Product liability and faulty products

Product liability and faulty products Manufacturers of products have a legal obligation to ensure that their product is safe. Strict safety guidelines have been put in place to protect you, putting your safety first. The same goes for services. If you have suffered an accident or illness as a result of a faulty product or…

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Sports and other injuries

Sports and other injuries If you play sports of any kind then you will be aware that there is a high risk of injury. Often these injuries are minor and nothing that care and rest won’t heal. Contact sports and individual sports carry a varying degree of risk but sometimes these injuries are a result…

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Medical Negligence Solicitors

When we undergo any type of medical treatment, we rely on the healthcare practitioners providing that treatment to safeguard out health. If they make errors, it can cause serious long-term damage and have a significant impact on your life. In such circumstances, claiming compensation is often essential to allow you to cope with the consequences…

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