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Which Motor Insurer Bears Liability? High Court Clarifies the Law

UK motor insurance policies cover the driver, not the vehicle, and disputes can arise if multiple insurers bear potential liability following an accident. In resolving one such disagreement, the High Court gave guidance that will provide invaluable in resolving many others in the future. The case concerned an accident in which a car left the…

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Costs of Care and Longer Lives Justify Big Clinical Negligence Awards

Awards of compensation in some of the most serious clinical negligence cases can appear very large to the uninitiated. However, as one High Court case showed multi-million-pound pay outs are readily explained by the galloping costs of professional care and ever increasing life expectancies. The case concerned a nine-year-old girl who developed severe jaundice soon…

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Lack of Informed Consent Leaves NHS Trust Liable for Paralysis

When an operation goes seriously wrong and a personal injury claim is made, the issue of ‘informed consent’ can be critical. Whenever an operation is performed, consent must be given, because all surgery does carry some clinical risk. Clearly, such consent must be given on an informed basis: weighing up the risks and potential benefits…

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Getting ready for the 2016 Christmas Party?

Nobody wants to be a Scrooge at Christmas but as an employer, you need to be aware of the risk of unpleasant incidents occurring and take preventative steps beforehand. Your employees may not be aware or understand that whether the party takes place on the work premises or off site, it is considered to be…

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