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Lack of Informed Consent Leaves NHS Trust Liable for Paralysis

When an operation goes seriously wrong and a personal injury claim is made, the issue of ‘informed consent’ can be critical. Whenever an operation is performed, consent must be given, because all surgery does carry some clinical risk. Clearly, such consent must be given on an informed basis: weighing up the risks and potential benefits…

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Getting ready for the 2016 Christmas Party?

Nobody wants to be a Scrooge at Christmas but as an employer, you need to be aware of the risk of unpleasant incidents occurring and take preventative steps beforehand. Your employees may not be aware or understand that whether the party takes place on the work premises or off site, it is considered to be…

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Sexual discrimination in the workplace

Does a business owner have the right to refuse work to an employee as a result of questioning a change in uniform? Sexual discrimination is a live issue and a risk for employers when thinking about what is an appropriate dress code. Debate over discrimination at work has been a large focus within the news…

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Can a negative reference amount to disability discrimination?

Yes it can according to the Employment Appeal Tribunal’s decision of Pnaiser v NHS England and Coventry City Council. A negative verbal reference, which resulted in a job offer being withdrawn, was considered to be discrimination arising from disability. Facts of the case Ms Pnaiser was employed by Coventry City Council and was classed as…

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