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Separating couples and disputes over property entitlements?

Unfortunately, experience within this field continues to demonstrate that there is a common misconception between unmarried couples that they have the same rights financially as married couples. This is often referred to as “common law marriage”. Following the breakdown of a relationship cohabiting couples are not protected by the same law that applies to married…

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Can my ex relocate and take my child with them?

It can be very distressing after a separation to find out that your ex-partner wishes to move to a different part of the country. There is no legal requirement for them to obtain the consent of the court to a move, so if you are concerned about the proposed relocation, you should consider your options….

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Who has parental responsibility and what decisions can they make?

Parental responsibility gives parents rights and responsibilities in respect of a child. When two parents both have parental responsibility, certain decisions have to be agreed between them.  Who has parental responsibility? Simply being a child’s parent does not necessarily mean you have parental responsibility. It is given automatically to the following people: The child’s birth…

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