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Selling a Business? Make Sure You Get a Properly Drafted Contract!

Buying and selling businesses can be a highly complex matter and dispensing with legal formality is a positive invitation to trouble. The point could hardly have been better made than by a High Court case concerning the ill-fated purchase of a fish and chip shop which culminated in threats of violence. Following informal discussions, a businessman…

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Buying a Property at Auction? Don’t Dispense With Legal Checks!

Buying a property at auction can be hazardous and should never be attempted without instructing solicitors to carry out all the necessary checks. In a case highlighting this point, a father and son bought a former council flat for over £200,000, without knowing that the number of its bedrooms had been doubled without the required…

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Struggling to Collect a Debt? Bankruptcy Proceedings Are Often Effective!

Collecting debts can be a long and arduous process, but bankruptcy proceedings are often an effective means of bringing matters to a head. That was certainly the case where one businessman tried, but failed, to avoid bankruptcy in respect of a judgment debt totalling more than £16 million. He ran a professional firm and had…

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Always See a Lawyer before Objecting to a Neighbours’ Building Plans

You are entitled to object to your neighbours’ building plans, but wise homeowners always seek professional legal advice before doing so.  In one case, a homeowner (“Objector”) who opposed construction of an extension to a neighbouring property ended up being ordered to pay his neighbours in excess of £20,000 in damages. The Objector believed that…

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When is a loan not a loan? Should you lend money to friends and family?

Whether it’s some lose change or funds towards a larger purchase the majority of us have at some point leant or been leant funds from a friend or family member. Whilst the majority of these transaction are of small value and easily written off, larger transactions can easily lead to disputes that may damage relationships….

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Commercial property disputes

Disputes over commercial property, whether between a landlord and tenant, property developer and contractor, or in any other context, can be highly disruptive to your business, costing you time, money and stress to resolve and negatively impacting your business objectives. Our commercial property dispute resolution solicitors, based in Gloucester, have been helping businesses and individuals…

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Commercial Dispute Resolution

No matter how well you manage your business, you can still run into disputes, whether with individuals, companies, local authorities or other organisations. When this occurs, finding a fast, cost-effective solution that matches your commercial objectives is essential to protect your business and prevent the dispute from becoming a distraction from the success of your…

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Consumer contract disputes

Consumer contract disputes We are a nation of consumers and we personally purchase thousands of products and services every year. We have an expectation for those products and services to meet a high standard and to perform as promised. When these fall below standard you are within your rights to seek redress and potential compensation….

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Debt Recovery Solicitors

When your business is owed a debt, it can hurt your cash flow and available capital, as well as being extremely frustrating and time consuming to deal with. Our debt recovery solicitors, based in Gloucester, can help you quickly recover outstanding debts while freeing you up to focus on running your business. Wherever possible, we…

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Commercial litigation

Business disputes can cost you time, money and a lot of stress to resolve and risk becoming a major distraction from running your company. Our commercial litigation solicitors can help you quickly and cost-effectively resolve business disputes in a way that matches your commercial objectives and protects your interests. While many people think of litigation…

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