Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best

The Prime Minister has declared this the “worst health crisis in a generation”, big words, lots of hype but what effect will this have for the business community in Gloucestershire?

Worst case scenario is best explained by the now historic TV show Dad’s Army.  “Don’t panic, don’t panic” is the cry.  Another thought is “we are all doomed”. But in reality, what practically can be done?

In short, we must be prepared. As much as we all want to carry on as normal, it is likely we will need to change the way we work and the way your business operates might have to evolve to allow for the current pandemic. To do this we advise to be as flexible as possible.

How are we preparing our business?

At Tayntons, we have updated our policies and procedures and have put a contingency plan in place, should the worst happen. For many years Tayntons staff have been able to work from home and access phone calls and emails remotely. In addition to this we are ensuring that, even if the worst happens and we have a limited service available, the fee earner instructed should be able to deal with your matter even if they are not available immediately. If they are unable to help as a result of being unwell, Tayntons have procedures in place to ensure someone can deal with your matter at the earliest opportunity.

What procedures are in place to help you and your business?

Tayntons have a variety of ways already in place to help you and your business such as; accessing our website for online conveyancing quotes or payments, scanning of documentation straight onto our case management system, using an offsite call centre to divert calls should staff not be available immediately and being able to access our banking system remotely and securely to authorise and monitor payments.

We have invested heavily in our infrastructure over recent years and are confident of its ability to deal with any constraints caused by this worldwide phenomenon. We are also aware that we are much better placed than other competitors in the locality.

At Tayntons we are confident we can not only see our way through the current crisis, but we can actively still help your business to reach its full potential, irrespective of any steps taken to combat the virus by government or authorities.

If you have any questions on the above or how we can work more closely, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01452 222340 or email us at However, in the meantime please be reassured that Tayntons are doing all we can to ensure no matter what instructions we receive it will be business as normal.





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