Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Whether you are an employee or employer, mental health in the workplace affects at least 1 in 6 of us and work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives, more so than debt or financial problems.

Tayntons Solicitors have put together some top tips for both employees and employers for staying on top of mental health.

Tips for Employees
  1. Take short breaks – take time out of your working day to have a cup of tea or sit down if you are on your feet all day.
  2. Develop good relationships with co-workers – ask how their weekend was or catch up over a coffee. This means if they have an issue they will feel that they have someone to talk to in confidence.
  3. Talk to your employer – set up a meeting with your employer to talk through any issues that are bothering you at work. Don’t suffer in silence.
  4. Make the most of your lunch break – make sure you take the lunch break that you are entitled to and get out of the office for some fresh air.
  5. Social clubs – start up a work book club or activity to involve your co-workers and get to know them better.
Tips for Employers
  1. Wellness Action Plan – consider implementing a wellness action plan for employees if deemed necessary.
  2. Training/Resources – attend training courses on how to deal with mental health in the workplace so that you are better prepared. Download resources to help you.
  3. Regular meetings – operate an ‘open door’ policy so that workers feel they are able to talk to senior managers. It is important for management to be seen as approachable by employees.
  4. Arrange ‘away days’ – take time away from the office by arranging group activities and socials.
  5. Manage work environment – adapt the working environment for workers by managing the space, temperature, noise and light as these all have an affect on health and wellbeing. Have open correspondence with employees so that they will be open to discuss any issues that they have with you.

For more information about mental health in the workplace, visit Mind for resources, tips and help.

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