Tayntons Solicitors debut appearance on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

How well did we fair in Mark Cummings County Quiz?

This week Tayntons appeared on Mark Cummings County Quiz on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. Our team consisted of James Melvin-Bath, Laurence Lucas, Lucy Watson, Melanie Hull, Ruth Pendell and an appearance from Janine Guthrie on Thursday. Tayntons have been in business for over 160 years and are an integral part of Gloucester; so we needed to prove we knew our local knowledge.

We didn’t really know what we’d got ourselves into on Friday 9th when we were ushered into one of our offices and interviewed by BBC Radio Glos. We were told that we’d be competing against local businesses and set about recording our introductions (not our favourite part of the quiz!). However, we all got our research underway and made sure we brushed up on our knowledge of Gloucestershire and listened to previous podcasts from businesses who had taken part so far.

Monday came and we were all pretty nervous, not knowing how well we would fair on the first day. Our worries were unfounded as we made a promising start of 9/10! We were doing pretty well with the in/out of Gloucestershire questions and could tell when Mark was telling a few porkies with the True/False ones. Mel provided a confident mystery voice of Tom Kerridge on Tuesday and Lucy proved how well she knew the Royal family with her answer of Prince Harry on Wednesday.

We were particularly happy when one of the questions was to name attractions in Gloucestershire and Ruth stormed ahead with a confident set of 5 attractions. Janine joined us on Thursday and put her knowledge of Forest of Dean to the test. Although we struggled with a few of the questions (they were getting particularly harder) we managed an acceptable 7/10 with thanks to Laurence and James’ quick thinking skills!

Friday came and it was pretty tense in the Tayntons offices, we could only hope for the best and that our knowledge of Gloucestershire was enough to put us out in first place. With only 4 of us in the team our knowledge surprised us all when we sailed through the questions with a strong 8/10. Overall, we managed a total score of 41/50, taking us to the top of the leader board of those who had taken part in the quiz to date.

Congratulations to all the businesses for taking part so far and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top at the end!

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