Hospitals in England may have fitted up to 5,500 patients with incorrect metal plates

Tayntons are currently acting for a client who underwent surgery to fix a forearm fracture but the wrong metal plates were inserted. Further surgery has been a necessity to rectify the error made and promote the healing process.

This week it has emerged that Hospitals in England may have fitted up to 5,500 patients with incorrect metal plates. Patients who have had surgery on broken bones are looking at facing the worry of potentially having to undergo further surgery to replace the incorrect metal plates that they were fitted within the last year. It has been estimated that most of the incorrect plates will have been used during surgery to fix long bone fractures such as in the forearm, femur fractures, humerus fractures and tibia fractures.

There has been a recent change in the design of some reconstructions plates that are used which has resulted in similar appearances between reconstruction plates and dynamic compression plates however they are very different to each other. Dynamic compression plates are stronger and more rigid. They are used for femur and forearm fractures as they will need to withstand a high amount of pressure. Dynamic compression plates however are more flexible and can be reshaped easily. They are more commonly used for pelvic fractures.

All Hospitals in England are being asked to review x-rays for patients who have had surgery in the past year which involved plates being inserted. Hospitals will then contact patients if there is any chance that they have been affected.

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Clinical Negligence claims are subject to a 3 year limitation period which begins when the negligence occurs or from the earliest date you became aware of any potential negligence. For children, the limitation period does not begin until the child reaches 18 years of age. Any claim brought after the limitation date would be statute barred.

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