Checking The Terms Of An EHC Plan

Taytons Checking the Terms of an EHC Plan 1

The Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan is gradually replacing the Special Educational Needs (SEN) statement, and aims to determine the level of additional support that a child needs in order to ensure that they receive a suitable and good quality education.

The Application Process

As with the SEN statement, it is necessary to go through an application process via your Local Authority (LA), and there are a number of stages at which the LA may decide not to progress with the application. It is possible to appeal these decisions, or to ask the LA to have another look at the requirements of your child, and there are annual reviews to ensure that they continue to receive a suitable level of the right types of additional support. It is vital that you, as parent or carer, are involved in the process, and the LA will also call on other professionals, usually including teachers and head teachers, as well as educational psychologists and even healthcare workers, to fully and properly assess the needs of the individual.

At Tayntons Solicitors we can help gather the evidence that the LA will request, we can lodge official appeals against any decision that has been made, and we can help you to ensure that your son or daughter will receive an appropriate level of support for the next year.

The Importance Of Education

Whether your son has a disability or has special educational needs for any other reason, a decent education may require more than the mainstream education system can provide, without additional support.

Educational Needs Change

Needs do change, and this is true of any child going through education. As a child develops, educational needs change, and as a child matures, additional obstacles may present themselves. Alternatively, the LA may determine that your son or daughter does not require the same degree of assistance that they have been receiving for the past 12 months, and they may therefore propose to reduce the support that they offer. Because of these potential changes, an annual review of an EHC plan is undertaken every year, and will involve input from parents, teachers, and your child.

Getting Help

Whether you need help navigating the application process, or you wish to appeal a decision made by the LA regarding the support offered to your child, we at Tayntons Solicitors are experienced in dealing with all types of EHC and SEN case. We are sympathetic to the needs of our clients, and children, and we can help to ensure the best possible education for your son or daughter.

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