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Every business person who has that entrepreneurial sixth sense to smell out opportunity and the courage to grasp it will need good professional advice.

They might consider any professional advice to be too staid and cautious but after having their fingers burned once, they can see that correct professional advice is indispensable if they are to maximise their business.

To instruct a professional you need to trust them, and to trust them you need to know them. You need to instruct someone  who appreciates how you work and what you want. This means they can work with you quickly to achieve the deal or cut of any potential threat to your cash flow.  “Solicitors no longer can sit behind their desk and wait for the client to come to them” says our Associate Partner, Alex Lyttle. “You need to be able to relate to your client , build trust and understand their business and make sure you are ready when they call.”

Commercial litigation and employment law are Alex’s own areas of expertise, in addition to dealing  with all kinds of contract disputes including; breach of warranty claims and general commercial contract disputes. He is able to advise employers with any queries they might have, from an employee on long term sick leave to a breach of their restrictive covenants.  Alex comments, “At Tayntons we pride ourselves on our close working relationships with clients  so we understand their needs and can help them with their decision making. Equally, you don’t want a lawyer who thinks they know your business better than you do.” “We understand business people are the experts in what they do and that they rely on us to make things possible. A good lawyer will help them protect their ideas and assets.  They  will work on their behalf to resolve technicalities, quickly and efficiently. It is about enabling business. That is what we do and enjoy doing.”

Choosing the right lawyer early on can pay dividends. As a business grows and their affairs become more complicated. it helps if the firm of Solicitors is familiar with the way you work to help expedite what you need to be done.  “We have helped business people from their very earliest days, from forming their business to dealing with any disputes that arise along the way. We have helped them to grow naturally or through mergers and  acquisitions.  We can also help with their personal affairs, draft their will and administer their estates.” adds Alex.

“Business  can be difficult and stressful at times.  The benefit of having a close relationship with your Solicitor means you do not have to cover old ground and can deal with any matter quickly. You do not want to instruct a solicitor only to find they are unable to deal with your matter.” Alex recently dealt with a case at Tayntons where an employer had left it to the last minute to instruct a firm of Solicitors, in respect of an employment dispute. He commented, “We knew their contracts, policies and procedures so we were able to issue a response within the required deadline.”

“Our employment team  are highly experienced and have supported businesses of all sizes in a wide range of sectors. Whether you need to draw up new employment contracts, handle a disciplinary/grievance, a Tribunal claim or deal with redundancies or a restructure, we can assist you.”

At Tayntons, we offer a wide variety of legal services, from Wills, Probate, family matters, Employment, Dispute Resolution, Conveyancing, Commercial property, and Lasting Power of Attorney, to name but a few. If you would like to book an initial consultation with one of our Lawyers, please call us on 0800 158 4147 to see how we can help assist you.

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