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Agency services for non-local solicitors

Agency service for non-local solicitors We are a Gloucester based law firm who are able to provide agency services and professional advocacy in the county of Gloucestershire on behalf of non-local solicitors and their clients. Our offices are based in the heart of Gloucester and are in close proximity to Gloucester and Cheltenham. We regularly…

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Domestic abuse and injunctions

Physical, verbal and even emotional abuse are all types of domestic abuse. Even stalking and kidnapping are classified as domestic abuse. The law does not take any form of domestic abuse lightly, so if you or your children are experiencing any form of domestic abuse then it is time to speak up and seek legal…

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Parents’ rights & parental responsibility

Safeguarding and protecting your children is the most important thing in life for a parent and that means doing all you can to ensure that your children are properly cared for. You may also sometimes need to take action to safeguard your rights as a parent and this is never more likely to be the…

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Child Residence & Contact

As a parent, the safety and protection of your child will be your number one priority. So, when it comes to separation and divorce, taking the right steps to safeguard the welfare and future of your children while ensuring you maintain a positive parent-child relationship is essential. Sadly, this can be a very contentious issue,…

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Divorce Financial Settlements

When getting divorced, separating your finances from those of your ex-partner is often one of the most challenging issues to resolve, with the potential for a lot of conflict if the situation is not handled correctly. Tayntons’ divorce solicitors, based in Gloucester, have been helping people with divorce financial settlements for many years. We have…

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Cohabitation arrangements

Cohabitation arrangements As a cohabiting couple you won’t have the same legal protection or rights as those who are married. It is often thought that if you cohabit for a certain period of time that you automatically become ‘common law husband and wife’ but this is a misconception and no such law exists. Cohabitation agreements…

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Civil partnerships and dissolutions

Civil partnerships and dissolutions A civil partnership is a relationship that has legal recognition. Conducted in a registry office, it provides legal status to you and your partner. Since 2005 a civil partnership can also apply to same-sex couples, enabling their relationship to be legally recognised. A civil partnership provides certain advantages to a relationship,…

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Divorce Solicitors

Divorce can be extremely difficult for everyone involved, often resulting in a lot of confusion and conflict that can be expensive and time-consuming to resolve. Having the right legal advice and support can make things much easier, however, allowing you to have a more harmonious divorce that moves ahead faster and costs you less. Tayntons’…

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Child with arguing parents

Family Law Solicitors

Legal issues involving your family, such as divorce, separation and arrangements for children, are often some of the most challenging to sort out. If not handled correctly, resolving these matters can take a lot of time, money and stress, so having the right legal advice and support is essential. Tayntons’ family law solicitors, based in…

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