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You may be asked to sign a Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) if you are being made redundant or if your employment is being brought to an end for some other reason, perhaps following a disciplinary process or breakdown in the employment relationship.

When a Settlement Agreement is signed, the employee agrees to give up their right to bring a claim in an Employment Tribunal or Court and accepts a sum of money in return. To be legally binding, the employee must take advice on the terms of the Settlement Agreement from an independent solicitor.

At Tayntons we have extensive experience in advising employees on the terms and effect of Settlement Agreements and in negotiating the terms of the Agreement with the employer to ensure that our clients receive the best settlement. We are here to assist you in obtaining the best possible terms and in ensuring that your position is protected.

Your employer will make a contribution to the legal costs. In most cases this will cover the cost of our advice, leaving you with nothing to pay.

A Settlement Agreement can be complicated and it is very important that you take advice quickly.

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Our settlement agreement services for employees

Independent advice on settlement agreements

When you are offered a settlement agreement, it is essential to get independent legal advice. Not only is this a legal requirement for the agreement to be valid, but it also ensures that the agreement matches your best interests and represents the best deal available.

Our employment lawyers can review any settlement agreement you are offered and give clear advice in plain English on the terms and what they mean for you. Where we believe a better deal may be possible, we will advise you on this and your options.

Representation for settlement negotiations

In some cases, you may need to negotiate a settlement. This may be where your employer has offered a settlement that you feel is insufficient or it may be that there are complex issues that need to be discussed so a fair outcome can be agreed.

Our employment lawyers can represent you during settlement negotiations and advise you on any settlement agreed, making sure your best interests are protected and that you secure the best settlement available.

Acas early conciliation

To achieve a settlement, you may sometimes need to go through a process called early conciliation run by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas). This involves an Acas conciliation expert acting as an intermediary between you and your employer to establish both parties’ positions and facilitate a settlement where possible.

Our team are highly experienced in guiding employees through Acas early conciliation, so can advise you on what to expect, help you prepare and submit your side of the story and review any settlement agreed to ensure it matches your best interests.

Our settlement agreement advice fees

Your employer will make a contribution to the legal costs. In most cases this will cover the cost of our advice, leaving you with nothing to pay.

Common questions about settlement agreements

Do I have to accept a settlement agreement offered by my employer?

No, and you should never be placed under any pressure to do so. For a settlement agreement to be valid, you need to be given time to consider it and receive independent legal advice.

You are free to reject the agreement and attempt to negotiate a better one or to take your dispute to an employment tribunal where you feel this is the best way to secure a fair outcome.

Can I ask for a settlement agreement?

Yes, if you feel your employer has treated you unfairly there is nothing to stop you raising the issue and asking for a settlement agreement to resolve the matter. Your employer will be under no obligation to offer a settlement agreement, but where there is strong evidence of unfair treatment, they may be willing to do so to avoid the risk of an employment tribunal claim.

Before asking for a settlement agreement, we strongly recommend speaking to an experienced employment lawyer to make sure this is the best approach for your situation.

How do you negotiate a settlement agreement?

This can be a very delicate process as you need to strike the right balance between defending your position while being open to compromise. It can be difficult to judge where a fair settlement is possible and where taking your claim to an employment tribunal may be a better option.

Having the support of an employment lawyer with experience in negotiating settlement agreements can ensure you take the right approach and give you the best chance of getting a fair settlement, while also giving you the confidence to walk away and take your dispute to an employment tribunal if a suitable settlement is not offered.

Why choose Tayntons’ settlement agreement solicitors?

Tayntons’ employment lawyers in Gloucester have advised employees of all levels on settlement agreements and other employment matters for many years. As well as supporting clients in Gloucester, we also work with clients throughout Gloucestershire, including Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean.

Our employment practice is led by Associate Partner Alex Lyttle, a highly experienced solicitor who has advised clients on resolving employment disputes for many years. As well as having strong expertise in settlement agreements, Alex is also able to represent clients where a claim needs to be made to an employment tribunal.

Tayntons is Lexcel accredited by the Law Society in recognition of our strong practice management and client care.

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