Discrimination and harassment

Discrimination and harassment

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can take a number of different forms. The most common grounds for workplace discrimination are gender, race, pregnancy, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and age.

Chances are, your employer has systems and processes in place to handle any grievance you may have. The Employment Act 2002 was set in place to deal with such grievances with the aim of the act being to deal with issues as they arise. But what often starts out as a relatively minor situation, can often escalate over the course of time.

Discrimination is covered by four main areas where the law is concerned. These are:

Direct discrimination – Being treated less favourably due to gender, race, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation or age

Indirect discrimination – Where provisions are put in place in order to single out employees

Harassment – Violation of an employee’s dignity or creation of a hostile environment

Victimisation – Where an employee’s beliefs or actions mean that they are treated in a less favourable manner

Why choose Tayntons?

At Tayntons we understand that working in an environment that is discriminatory or causes you to feel harassed will leave you feeling deeply upset and troubled. If you believe that you have been a target of any form of discrimination or harassment then it is time you sought legal advice.

Our team of expertly trained employment specialists are here to offer legal advice and support, as well as a listening ear.


If you feel you require legal support and guidance regarding an employment matter then speak to us. We offer a 45-minute consultation at £125.00 plus VAT (£150.00). Our fees are payable to us at the start of your meeting.

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