If your company is about to be sold or taken over then you may be slightly concerned about the terms of your contract or potential changes that could be put in place.  TUPE refers to the 2006 employment act that was set out to protect your basic rights, terms and conditions during such times.

By law, your new business owners have an obligation to uphold the terms of your contract unless they are able to argue a justifiable (ETO) reason based on economical, technical or organisational.

If certain changes are made but can.t be justified then you may have legal grounds to challenge your new employer.

Complex processes

Change in ownership of a business is an extremely complex process and it can leave you feeling confused and vulnerable.  At Tayntons we are experts in employment law, and are here to help.  It could be simply putting your mind at rest or maybe helping you safeguard your current contract but our role is to guide you through this process.  We can also help you challenge any proposed or enforced changes if you do not feel comfortable with them.


If you want to find out more about TUPE and your current rights as an employee facing ownership change then speak to us. We offer a 45-minute consultation at £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00). Our fees are payable to us at the start of your meeting.

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