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Forward planning

None of us can predict the future and life can be extremely complicated at times. Marriage and civil partnerships are a big commitment and things often don’t go the way we plan them, despite our best efforts. Having safeguards in place can often help to ease the burden and protect our future. It might seem like an unromantic gesture to initiate a prenuptial agreement but it is a wise form of insurance.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that clarifies how you would like your assets to be divided up should your marriage or civil partnership come to an end. This arrangement can be adapted and changed throughout the course of your marriage or partnership, at all times remaining a mutual agreement.

At Tayntons we have a team of specialist legal advisers who are on hand to help you protect your assets. You can include specific elements in your prenuptial agreement such as property, pensions and savings and you can also address the often complicated matter of children and step-children.

We have been awarded the Law Society’s Children Law accreditation, due to our proficiency in handling child-related legal issues.


If you require a prenuptial agreement then speak to our family law solicitors. We offer an initial consultation of up to 45 minutes for £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00). We can discuss the legal proceedings and any potential issues that may arise. If you choose to proceed with us then we will be able to provide clear costs for the drafting of an agreement.

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