Domestic abuse and injunctions

Physical, verbal and even emotional abuse are all types of domestic abuse. Even stalking and kidnapping are classified as domestic abuse. The law does not take any form of domestic abuse lightly, so if you or your children are experiencing any form of domestic abuse then it is time to speak up and seek legal advice.

We understand that speaking openly about such abuse can be extremely distressing. At Tayntons we are a team of friendly and approachable people and, by contacting us to talk through your experience, you are making a very positive step forward. Our trained professionals are on hand to advise you from a legal standpoint and to guide you through the process of getting protection from your abuser.

Domestic abuse of any kind can leave you feeling extremely vulnerable, but our staff will do all they can to support you. We are discreet and sensitive to your needs, and all details of your case will be dealt with in a strictly confidential manner.

Tayntons has been granted the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation for the professional management of our practice and our dedication to client care. The Law Society has also accredited our firm for Children Law due to our expertise in dealing with legal issues involving children.

For immediate assistance with any issues related to domestic abuse, please speak to one of our friendly, expert solicitors now by calling 0800 158 4147 or request a call back and a member of our team will be in touch promptly.

How we can help protect you from domestic abuse

If you or your loved ones have been the victims of domestic abuse – whether physical, verbal or emotional – there are various legal measures we can use to quickly and effectively protect you.

Domestic Violence Protection Notices & Orders – Police can issue a Domestic Violence Protection Notice (DVPN) requiring an alleged perpetrator of domestic violence to leave your residence and avoid contacting you for 48 hours.

We will always consider all options available to you in relation to dealing with domestic abuse and make sure that the options offered by the Police are considered and utilised properly.

Non-Molestation Orders (NMOs) – We can apply to a court for an NMO, which is designed to protect you and if necessary your children from being threatened or harmed by your abuser. If your abuser breaches the terms of an NMO, they can usually be arrested and will potentially face a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Occupation Order – If you want your abuser to leave your shared home, our solicitors can apply to a court for an Occupation Order. This requires them to leave your home and also prevents them from living nearby. However, there are strict guidelines as to whether such an application would be successful and our staff can talk through these with you to ensure that the prospects of your case are properly assessed.

In some circumstances, the orders above can be made initially without your abuser being aware of the application to the court.

Legal aid for domestic abuse

Tayntons is able to represent domestic abuse victims using legal aid funding.

To assess your eligibility for legal aid we would need evidence of your financial circumstances and details of the alleged abuse. Legal aid can be put in place immediately to make an urgent application to the court if your case is assessed as eligible and all the relevant documents are provided.

If you believe that you are eligible for legal aid it is important that you contact us as soon as possible.  We will provide details of the documents that we require for assessment.  All these documents must be available to us or we will be unable to assess you.

Please note that legal aid is not always free and there are some circumstances where the costs will need to be paid back to the Legal Aid Agency.   We will discuss this further with you following an initial assessment of your finances/situation and prior to any application for legal aid being submitted.  You may also be assessed to pay a contribution towards your legal aid.

If you are not eligible for legal aid, we can offer an up to 45-minute initial consultation at £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00). This will allow us to assess your situation and recommend appropriate action, with many of the options we can offer to protect you, such as court orders, also being offered on a fixed-fee basis.

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