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Getting on the property ladder is tough for any first-time buyer and with limited affordable housing, it has never been harder. A shared ownership scheme enables first-time buyers to get their foot on the housing ladder through a part buy/part rent arrangement.

Tayntons’ conveyancing solicitors in Gloucester can guide you through the whole process of buying or selling a shared ownership property, as well as related issues, such as increasing your ownership share (known as ‘staircasing’). We will make the process as simple and cost-effective as possible, keeping things on schedule and ensuring there are no nasty surprises waiting for you once the deal is done.

While shared ownership property schemes can offer a fantastic opportunity for those looking to get onto the housing ladder, they do often come with complicated terms and conditions. It is therefore essential to have experienced legal advice when entering into a shared ownership agreement to ensure your interests are protected at all times.

We are highly experienced in dealing with shared ownership properties and the housing associations that own them. This means we can foresee potential issues and ensure you are completely clear about the conditions involved in buying a shared ownership property, such as any requirement to sell the property back to the housing association when you choose to move on.

Our clients use a market-leading app to ensure they are kept up to date with progress and that the transaction proceeds as easily as possible. If we need to send you a message or ask you to do something, the app will notify you immediately so that you can deal with everything quickly and easily.

You will be able to sign in easily and securely to the app and upload documents if necessary. You can also check on progress and sign documents electronically where necessary.

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Our conveyancing for shared ownership services

Our conveyancing solicitors can support you through all of the key issues related to buying, owning and selling a shared ownership property, including:

  • Reviewing and advising you on the contracts of sale and any other required documents including terms that are specific to Shared Ownership purchases and sales
  • Carrying out essential property checks and searches
  • Corresponding with the housing association and your lender
  • Helping you buy additional shares in the property (“staircasing”)
  • Assisting you with selling a shared ownership property back to the housing association or on to another eligible buyer

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Our conveyancing fees for shared ownership property

We offer competitive fixed-fee conveyancing so you know exactly how much buying or selling a shared ownership property will cost you upfront. We provide a complete breakdown of the conveyancing costs for shared property deals, including our fees and third-party costs (known as disbursements). That means you can see exactly where your money is going and can make a clear comparison with other conveyancing firms.

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Common questions about shared ownership conveyancing

How do you buy a shared ownership property?

The first step is to register with the Help to Buy agent in the area where you want to live. They will then make sure you are eligible and that you can afford the repayments.

Your options will then usually be to buy a shared ownership property through the housing association or other housing provider that owns the freehold on the property, or you may be able to make a private purchase from the current owner of a shared ownership property.

You can find a Help to Buy agent here.

Are shared ownership properties leasehold?

Yes, shared ownership properties are always sold on a leasehold basis, so you will not own the freehold. As such, there are certain issues you will need to be aware of, including that you will likely be liable for service charges, and there will normally be restrictions on what you can do with the property set out in the terms of the lease.

How do you sell a shared ownership property?

If you wish to sell a shared ownership property, your landlord will usually have the right of first refusal to buy the property back from you. This is known as the ‘first option to buy’ or ‘pre-emption’.

The landlord also has a right to find a buyer for the property, but there is a time limit for them to do so. If the landlord does not exercise their right to buy the property or find a buyer within the time limit, you will be able to arrange your own private sale.

How can you increase your share of a shared ownership property?

Once you own a shared ownership property, you will be able to buy more shares in the property in a process called ‘staircasing’.

You will have the right to buy a certain number of shares each year, depending on when you bought the property. If you bought the property before 2021, you will be able to buy shares of 5% or more of the property’s value each year. If you bought from 2021, then you may have the right to buy shares of either 1% or 5% or more each year. You will not be able to buy shares of 2-4%.

To buy shares of 5% or more, the property will need to be valued by a surveyor at your own cost. If you are eligible to buy shares of 1%, the price will be based on the original purchase price you paid for the property, adjusted according to any changes in the House Price Index (HPI) since then.

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Why choose Tayntons’ shared ownership solicitors?

Tayntons’ conveyancing solicitors in Gloucester have been helping people with shared ownership property schemes for many years, giving us exceptional expertise in this area. While we are based in Gloucester, we work with clients all over Gloucestershire, including Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean.

As well as our specialist knowledge of dealing with shared ownership properties and housing associations, we also have a strong understanding of the Gloucestershire property market. This helps us to make your conveyancing as straightforward and stress-free as possible, allowing you to focus on all of the other things you need to be on top of when buying or selling a home.

Tayntons is accredited by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS), having been one of the first Gloucestershire conveyancing firms to achieve this standard. We have also been awarded the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation for the strength of our practice management and client care.

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