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Tayntons Solicitors is a well-established law firm in Gloucestershire, serving clients in Tuffley and the surrounding areas.

Our solicitors near Tuffley offer a range of legal services for both businesses and individuals.

We’re recognised for providing clear, practical guidance that goes beyond basic legal advice, aiming to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

To discuss your legal needs with our experienced solicitors near Tuffley, call 0800 158 4147 or request a call back, and we’ll get in touch promptly.

Our family and personal law services in Tuffley

Our expert family and personal law solicitors offer a full range of legal services for individuals and families near Tuffley.

Health and social care

Our solicitors are here to guide you through the legal aspects of health and social care.

Whether it’s making decisions about your loved ones’ care, advocating for fair treatment, or resolving negligence or disputes with care providers, we’re here to assist you throughout the process and advocate for you and your loved ones.

Family law

Our family law solicitors can assist with all legal matters related to relationships and family dynamics, including divorce, child custody, and financial settlements.

We are experts in mediating disputes, and, when required, representing clients in court. Our goal is to assist families in reaching amicable solutions, prioritising the well-being of everyone involved.

Residential property

Our residential property solicitors can help with a range of conveyancing matters including buying and selling freehold and leasehold property, equity release, remortgages and shared ownership leases.

We have the necessary expertise to handle any potential problems, including property disputes and legal obstacles. Our experienced solicitors will ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Probate

Creating Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and managing Probate are crucial legal steps for handling your affairs. Our solicitors can help draft these documents, ensuring they reflect your wishes and are legally valid.

We also assist executors in navigating the probate process, simplifying complex legal procedures, and offering support during emotionally challenging times.

Personal injury

Our solicitors specialising in personal injury cases are here to assist you in pursuing compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide our clients through complex legal processes, collecting evidence, and negotiating with insurers to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Court of Protection

Becoming a Court of Protection deputy allows you to actively assist your loved one in making important decisions, like managing their physical health and assets.

If someone close to you lacks the mental capacity to handle their own affairs, our Court of Protection solicitors can offer practical assistance and advice.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

If your child has Special Educational Needs (SEN), they might qualify for extra support. Our solicitors have experience in securing support for children with SEN. We can assist in navigating the SEN process, securing suitable school places and support, and challenging decisions when required.

Employment law for employees

Our employment law solicitors have extensive experience advocating for employees’ rights in the workplace. We can assist with matters including contracts, discrimination, unfair dismissal, compromise agreements, and workplace grievances.

If you decide to take legal action, we will guide you through the process, helping to negotiate a settlement and advocate for you in an employment tribunal if necessary.

Professional negligence

When a professional fails to fulfil their duty, it can significantly impact your life. Seeking advice from a skilled solicitor is crucial to make a quick and cost-effective professional negligence claim.

Our professional negligence solicitors can assist with making a claim, providing legal representation and ensuring you fair receive compensation.

Dispute resolution

Our solicitors are experts in dispute resolution and favour using amicable alternative dispute resolution methods over going to court, which can be stressful, costly and time-consuming.

We can assist by facilitating negotiations, mediations, or arbitrations between parties in conflict, helping to resolve disputes efficiently and secure a positive outcome.

Our commercial law services in Tuffley

Our commercial solicitors in Tuffley can provide clear, pragmatic legal advice for all of your business needs.

Commercial property

Our team of solicitors specialise in guiding clients through complex commercial property transactions, including purchasing, selling, and leasing properties.

We can verify the validity of contracts, perform thorough due diligence, and manage regulatory compliance.

Landlord and tenant advice

Our solicitors can offer guidance on landlord and tenant matters by ensuring clarity on the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

We draft and review tenancy agreements, address disputes, and provide advice on eviction.

Corporate law

We specialise in helping your business comply with legal regulations, safeguarding stakeholders, and resolving disputes.

Our corporate law solicitors have the expertise to facilitate seamless transactions and mitigate legal risks.

Business debt recovery

Our solicitors can help you recover unpaid debts, negotiate with debtors, and initiate court proceedings if necessary. Our expertise improves your chances of successful debt recovery.

Professional negligence claims

Professional negligence claims can be filed when a professional, such as a doctor, solicitor, or accountant, fails to provide an acceptable standard of care, resulting in harm or loss to their client.

Our solicitors can provide crucial legal advice and representation when pursuing a professional negligence claim to help you secure compensation for your business.

Business dispute resolution

Our solicitors specialising in business dispute resolution can assist with mediating negotiations, offering legal advice, and, if required, representing clients in court.

Our expertise ensures a fair and efficient resolution, minimising the impact of disputes on businesses.

Commercial litigation

Resolving business disputes can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful, posing a significant distraction from running your company.

Our team of commercial litigation solicitors can help you efficiently resolve business disputes, align with your commercial objectives and safeguard your interests.

Employment law for employers

Our employment law solicitors can offer legal advice on recruitment, contracts, and resolving disputes. We will assist in ensuring your business adheres to regulations, treats employees fairly, and efficiently addresses any employment-related disputes.

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