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Our family and personal law services in Barnwood

Our solicitors in Barnwood offer a full range of legal services for individuals and families, providing all of the support and guidance you need for every stage of your life.

Health and social care

Health and social care provide support for the elderly and vulnerable. This includes medical services such as assistance with daily living and care homes.

Our solicitors can help you navigate the legal aspects of health and social care. We can help clients make decisions about the care of their loved ones, advocate for fair treatment, and assist in cases of negligence or disputes with care providers.

Family law

Family law is the legal issues surrounding relationships and family dynamics. This includes divorce, child custody, and financial settlements.

Our solicitors can offer advice on rights and responsibilities, mediate disputes, and represent our clients in court if necessary. We aim to help families reach amicable solutions, prioritising the well-being of the individuals involved.

Residential property

Residential property law is the legal issues involved in buying, selling and owning property. At Tayntons, we can help our clients understand their rights and responsibilities, ensuring a transparent and fair buying or selling process. Our solicitors can assist with property searches, contracts, and transfers of ownership. We can also address any potential issues, such as property disputes or legal obstacles. Our solicitors have the necessary expertise to ensure your residential property transactions are safe and legally sound.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Probate

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Probate are important legal tools to manage your affairs. Our solicitors can assist with drafting these documents, ensuring they align with your wishes and comply with the law. We guide executors through the probate process, simplifying complex legal procedures and providing support during emotionally challenging times.

Personal injury

Personal injury claims are legal action that results from harm or accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Our solicitors specialising in personal injury cases can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. We help our clients navigate complex legal procedures, gathering evidence and negotiating with insurers to secure fair settlements. We also possess the necessary expertise to represent our clients in court if a resolution cannot be reached.

Court of Protection

When a family member loses mental capacity, it can understandably be an emotional time. Becoming a Court of Protection deputy allows you to actively assist them in making important decisions, like managing their physical health and assets, such as selling their property. Our skilled Court of Protection solicitors in Gloucester offer compassionate support and guidance. We have helped many clients across the country, handle complex situations involving vulnerable individuals.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

If your child has Special Educational Needs (SEN) they may be able to access additional support. Our solicitors have extensive experience advocating for children with SEN, ensuring their educational rights are met. We can help navigate the SEN process, securing appropriate accommodations, and challenging decisions if necessary. We can liaise with schools and local authorities to ensure a tailored and inclusive education for your child. We are also able to assist with SEND Tribunals if your child cannot access the help they need.

Employment law for employees

Employment law ensures that employees have rights in the workplace. Our solicitors can assist you with matters including contracts, discrimination, unfair dismissal, and workplace grievances.

We can also guide you through the legal process, negotiate settlements, and represent you in a tribunal if necessary.

Professional negligence

Professional negligence is a breach of duty by a professional, causing harm or financial loss. If you have been a victim of professional negligence, our solicitors can help you seek compensation. We will assess the case, gather evidence, and negotiate with the responsible party or their insurers. Our solicitors aim to secure fair settlements and, if needed, represent our clients in court.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution methods aim to settle conflicts without going to court. Our solicitors can assist by facilitating negotiations, mediations, or arbitrations between parties in conflict. We provide legal advice, help create resolutions, and ensure agreements align with the law. Our solicitors play a key role in resolving disputes efficiently, saving time and costs and reducing emotional strain.

Our commercial law services in Barnwood

Our commercial lawyers in Barnwood can provide clear, pragmatic legal advice for your business, helping you to grow and succeed.

Commercial property

Commercial property law deals with legal matters related to business premises. Our solicitors can assist with navigating complex transactions such as buying, selling, or leasing commercial properties. We ensure contracts are sound, conduct due diligence, and handle regulatory compliance. Our solicitors play a crucial role in negotiating terms, resolving disputes, and protecting our clients’ interests.

Landlord and tenant advice

Landlord and tenant advice is legal guidance for those renting or leasing properties. Our solicitors can assist with this by ensuring both parties understand their rights and responsibilities. We draft and review tenancy agreements, handle disputes, and provide eviction advice. Our solicitors aim to protect the interests of landlords and tenants, ensuring fair and lawful relationships within the rental market.

Corporate law

Corporate law covers the legal aspects of businesses and their operations. We can assist with ensuring your businesses adhere to legal regulations, protecting stakeholders, and resolving disputes. Our solicitors have experience facilitating smooth business transactions and safeguarding against legal risks.

Business debt recovery

Business debt recovery is the process of retrieving unpaid debts. Our solicitors can help you by legally pursuing outstanding payments, negotiating with debtors, and, if necessary, initiating court proceedings. Our expertise maximises the chances of successful debt retrieval for businesses.

Professional negligence claims

Professional negligence claims involve seeking compensation for harm caused by a professional’s incompetence. Our expertise ensures fair representation, increasing the likelihood of successful claims for those affected by professional errors.

Business dispute resolution

Business dispute resolution is the process of settling conflicts between companies. Our solicitors can help with mediating negotiations, providing legal advice, and, if necessary, representing clients in court. Our expertise ensures a fair and efficient resolution, minimising the impact of disputes on businesses.

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation is the legal process to resolve business-related disputes. Our solicitors can help you navigate disputes through negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings. Our expertise ensures businesses receive fair representation and an effective resolution.

Employment law for employers

Employment law for employers governs the relationship between businesses and their workforce. Our solicitors can provide legal guidance on hiring, contracts, and dispute resolution. We will help ensure your business complies with regulations, treats your employees fairly, and effectively resolves any employment-related disputes.

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