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Tayntons Solicitors is a reliable and experienced law firm in Gloucestershire, serving clients in Hardwicke and the surrounding areas.

Our solicitors have years of experience offering a wide range of expert legal services for both individuals and businesses.

We are recognised for providing practical guidance that goes beyond basic legal advice, aiming to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

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Our family and personal law services in Hardwicke

Our expert family and personal law solicitors offer a full range of legal services that you can depend on at every stage of your life.

Health and social care

Making arrangements for health and social care can be a complex task, many of our clients understandably worry about making the right decisions for themselves or their loved ones.

Our health and social care solicitors are here to guide you through the process of finding the best care to fit your needs.

Whether it’s making decisions about living arrangements, advocating for fair treatment, or resolving negligence or disputes with care providers, we’re here to assist you throughout the process and advocate for you and your loved ones.

Family law

Family matters can often be complex and emotional, our family law solicitors are experts in resolving disputes and helping to maintain relationships.

Our family law solicitors can assist with a range of legal matters, including divorce, child custody, and financial settlements.

We are experts in mediating disputes and representing our clients in court. We take a sensitive and professional approach, prioritising the well-being of everyone involved.

Residential property

Our team of residential property solicitors can assist you with various conveyancing matters including buying or selling freehold and leasehold properties, remortgages and equity release.

We have the required knowledge and expertise to handle potential issues, including property disputes and legal obstacles that may arise.
Our experienced solicitors will work on your behalf to ensure your transaction is smooth and stress-free.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Probate

Creating legally valid wills, trusts, powers of attorney and managing probate are crucial steps to ensure your affairs are handled well.

Our experienced solicitors can help you draft these documents accurately while ensuring they reflect your wishes.

We will help simplify complex legal procedures and provide support to executors during emotionally challenging times.

Personal injury

Our dedicated personal injury solicitors are committed to helping you seek the compensation you deserve for medical fees, lost income, and the emotional strain resulting from personal injury.

We have the expertise and skills to navigate complex legal procedures, gather evidence, and engage in negotiations with insurance providers to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Court of Protection

Becoming a Court of Protection deputy involves gaining legal authority to make decisions for someone who lacks mental capacity.

Our Court of Protection solicitors can guide applicants through this complex process, offering legal advice, and ensuring your responsibilities are met, so your loved one receives the best possible care.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We offer assistance to parents and caregivers of children and young people who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) to ensure they receive the appropriate school placement that best suits their child’s specific educational needs.

Our team is highly experienced and provides expert legal advice to parents, caregivers, young people, and case managers, as well as other professionals and organisations in this field.

Employment law for employees

Employment law for employees covers rights, contracts, and workplace issues. Our solicitors can assist by providing legal advice, ensuring fair treatment, resolving disputes, and representing individuals in employment tribunals.

We navigate complex regulations to safeguard workers’ rights, offering crucial support in contractual matters and dispute resolution.

Professional negligence

Our solicitors can assist with professional negligence claims by assessing the validity of the claim, gathering evidence, and pursuing legal action against negligent professionals.

Our solicitors have experience navigating complex legal processes to secure compensation for clients affected by professional malpractice.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution aims to settle conflicts without going to court. Our dispute resolution solicitors facilitate this process by offering legal advice, negotiating settlements, and representing clients in alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration.

We play a crucial role in resolving conflicts efficiently while minimising the need for formal court proceedings.

Our commercial law services in Hardwicke

Our commercial solicitors in Hardwicke can provide clear, pragmatic legal advice for all of your business needs.

Commercial property

Our commercial property solicitors can assist with the buying, selling and transferring of property used for business purposes, such as offices, retail spaces, or industrial units.

Our solicitors can assist with navigating property transactions, lease negotiations, and safeguarding our clients’ business interests.

Landlord and tenant advice

Landlord and tenant advice involves legal guidance on matters like leases, rent disputes, and property responsibilities.

Our solicitors can assist by offering expert advice, drafting and reviewing tenancy agreements, and resolving conflicts to ensure a fair and legally compliant relationship between landlords and tenants.

Corporate law

Our corporate law solicitors provide legal advice on company formation, governance, contracts, mergers, and compliance.
We navigate complex regulations, ensuring businesses operate within the legal framework and assisting in transactions to safeguard corporate interests.

Business debt recovery

Business debt recovery involves the process of retrieving owed payments. Our debt recovery solicitors can help with sending legal notices, negotiating repayment terms, and initiating legal action if necessary.

We have the necessary expertise to navigate debt recovery procedures, ensuring businesses efficiently recover outstanding debts while adhering to legal regulations.

Professional negligence claims

Professional negligence claims can be filed if a professional, like a doctor, solicitor, or accountant, fails to provide an acceptable standard of care, which results in harm or loss to their client.

Our team of solicitors can provide essential legal advice and representation while pursuing a professional negligence claim to assist you in securing compensation for your business.

Business dispute resolution

Our solicitors have years of experience working in business dispute resolution. We offer expert legal advice, negotiate settlements, and represent businesses in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration.

Our dispute resolution solicitors play a crucial role in resolving conflicts efficiently and cost-effectively while safeguarding our clients’ interests.

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation involves resolving business disputes through the legal system. Our solicitors are experts in representing clients in court, managing legal proceedings, and providing strategic advice.

We have the expertise to navigate complex commercial laws, aiming to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients in disputes related to contracts, partnerships, or business transactions.

Employment law for employers

Employment law for employers includes regulations related to hiring, contracts, and workplace policies.

Our employment law solicitors can assist by providing legal advice, drafting employment contracts, and ensuring compliance with the relevant laws. We can manage employer-employee relationships, address disputes, and represent employers in legal matters.

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