Case Studies

Compensation award for injured machine tool worker

Tayntons  personal injury team recently won a £70,000 compensation award for a client whose personal injury claim started in 2004. The client’s elbow had been damaged due to a machine tool accident at work and despite corrective surgery, he had suffered with ongoing problems relative to the injury. Interestingly, the original offer from the Defendants…

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Agency worker injury claim

The personal injury team at Tayntons has recently settled a case worth over £25,000 for a local client who had an accident on his first day as an agency worker. Our client was operating a forklift truck and within a few hours of working alone had injured himself. A large metal pole had fallen on…

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Compensation for lorry accident victim

Our personal injury team recently settled a case for a client who was at a roundabout when a lorry hit her car and drove away. Despite witness records, the lorry company denied any involvement, as did the insurers. After intense research, the PI team managed to prove that they were the insurers but the lorry…

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£30,000 compensation award for company mismanagement

The employment team at Tayntons advised a senior level client on a potential claim for Disability Discrimination. The client, who worked for a developer had suffered ongoing medical problems with severe bouts of depression. This led to subsequent performance issues however the employer failed to obtain medical evidence and did not follow procedures in managing…

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Improved severance package for whistle blower

Our employment solicitors have helped to significantly improve a client’s severance package following a standard independent consultation over a compromise agreement. The employer’s decision to terminate employment coincided with him raising concerns about company practices and our solicitors built a case against the employer, resulting in an additional £17,000 to an already substantial package.

Allegations quashed following solicitor intervention

The employment team at Tayntons recently helped a client who faced dismissal for a serious allegation against her. What did we do? Our solicitors commenced detailed investigations, revealing that colleagues were fabricating their evidence in an attempt to force her to leave. We managed to reduce the outcome to a verbal warning which helped to…

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Employment solicitors clamp down on racial slurs

The employment team recently achieved several thousand pounds compensation for a client that had been dismissed from his post after assaulting one of his colleagues. It transpired that the incident was the result of continued racist comments and jokes that had been directed towards him. Although he had won an appeal and was invited back…

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£13,000 settlement for Unfair Dismissal

The employment team at Tayntons helped a client who sadly had suffered a cardiac arrest. He had previously been employed as an engineer and whilst recovered, his medical condition meant that he suffered short term memory loss and slower movement. On his return to work, the employer did little to accommodate his disability which made…

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Professional negligence claim against a firm of solicitors

Our dispute resolution solicitors recently won a professional negligence case against a firm of solicitors that had failed to notice an entry on the deeds of a residential property. The client, who bought the property in 2006, lost two buyers as a result of the oversight. By the time he was able to sell the…

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