Compensation for lorry accident victim

July 8, 2014 9:01 am

Our personal injury team recently settled a case for a client who was at a roundabout when a lorry hit her car and drove away.

Despite witness records, the lorry company denied any involvement, as did the insurers. After intense research, the PI team managed to prove that they were the insurers but the lorry company still denied any involvement in the accident. The lorry driver was investigated by the police but as he insisted he had no knowledge of the accident, they decided not to prosecute.

In Conclusion

Our investigations revealed that the accident occurred on the first day that the driver had driven an HGV with his licence and it was accepted that he genuinely may not have been aware of the collision. The insurers chose to settle the claim in full for £10,000. This included £7,000 for the client’s injuries of whiplash and travel anxiety and £2,500 for a hire car. This also included paying for the client to go for advanced driving lessons with the Institute of Advanced Motorists to help in her recovery for travel anxiety.