Tayntons help an elderly lady to win ownership of her fraudulently sold home

July 8, 2014 8:41 am

Our dispute resolution solicitors recently helped an elderly lady whose son had fraudulently (and without her knowledge) sold their home, in which she was living.

Our client had bought the former council property with her son in 2002 under the ‘right to buy’ scheme. Two years later her son forged her signature to transfer the property into his sole ownership, and remortgaged it to take out a large loan. In 2007, he sold the property to a company under a “sale and rent back” arrangement, but failed to keep up the rental payments. The first our client knew of any of this was when debt collectors arrived at her door demanding she pay the rent arrears.

She sought essential legal advice from Tayntons and after detailed investigations and submissions we were able to persuade the Land Registry that the original transaction had been a fraud. We restored her ownership of the house. The son was later prosecuted and convicted, and may yet face further legal action from the bank which lent the money to the eventual purchaser.

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