Commercial property disputes

Disputes over land and property in the commercial sector can be extremely time consuming and costly.  It can affect the day-to-day running of your business as well as its future.

At Tayntons we have a team of experts to advise and guide you through any commercial property disputes you may be facing.  Our aim is to use mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR), but if an agreement can’t be reached through these methods then litigation through the courts is something we are well-versed in.

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If you feel justified in initiating a dispute or you are currently forced to defend one then speak to our Gloucester solicitors.  They offer the experience and commercial expertise to help and guide you through this process.

We offer a 45 minute initial consultation with our Gloucester solicitors for £125.00 plus VAT (£150.00).  Our fees are payable to your solicitor at the start of your meeting. Call Tayntons on 0800 158 4147 to book your initial consultation.

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