Corporate and commercial

In the world of business it is not uncommon for legal issues to arise. At Tayntons we have a specialist range of services for companies, organisations and charities to help tackle those issues in an effective way.

This could be anything from managing customer and supplier relationships to setting up or closing a business or company.

Company law

All registered companies in the UK are regulated by company law. There is a legal framework in place to adhere to. We can offer support and guidance on all aspects of company law.

Acquisitions, disposals and restructuring

Businesses need to adapt to the ever changing environment. From selling a business to restructuring one, there are legal issues that need to be addressed. Having an expert legal team on hand will help to make these processes smoother, more effective and potentially less costly.

Partnership agreements

A partnership agreement ensures that the best interests of a business are safeguarded. At Tayntons we provide advice and guidance on preparing agreements that benefit both the business and individual partners.

Shareholder agreements

The regulation of the business and the protection of the interests of shareholders is a legal matter. We offer advice and support in the preparation and implementation of shareholder agreements to ensure that they safeguard all interests.

Commercial contracts

All businesses have to deal with contracts, be that with service providers, employees or suppliers. Making sure that your contract covers all the relevant legal aspects is essential to a smooth operation. At Tayntons we can help you with all areas of commercial contracts, including breach of contract.


If your company or organisation requires advice or support where corporate or commercial law is concerned then speak to our expert team. We offer a free initial consultation with our Gloucester solicitors.

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