Notary Public

If you are conducting business in another country, getting married overseas or working abroad, there are various documents that will need to be attested, authenticated and certified so that they will be accepted by the relevant authorities in another country. There are also various other circumstances under which you may need to rely on having documents authorised for use abroad.

A Notary Public is appointed by the Master of Faculties and regulated by The Faculty Office, giving them the authority to carry out these essential services, ensuring that your key documents will be accepted for use in other countries.

This can be vital for allowing you to pursue your business or personal matters abroad without worrying about any delays due to questions over the validity of your documents, which can cost you time, money and a lot of stress to resolve.

We are able to signpost you to a local Notary Public who has many years of experience helping individuals, companies and other organisations to make sure their legal affairs abroad progress smoothly.

If you need help finding a local Notary Public in Gloucester, Cheltenham of the Forest of Dean then please call 0800 158 4147, email us at or request a call back and a member of our team will be in touch promptly.

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    • My wife and I met with Paul following a search online for local notaries. We had many questions prior to completing the process due to the complex nature of the documents that we needed notarised and attested. Paul could not have been more helpful via email and we were really put at ease about... Read more

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