Festive Special Q&A

We participated in Solicitors Chat over on Twitter and seeing as we are in the festive season, we answered some ‘festive’ questions!

Ruth Pendell, our Digital Marketing Manager, was on hand to provide our answers and reflect on 2019.

We’ve set out our answers out below:

  1. Are there any legal issues you see more of around Christmas time?

It varies with each department, within Employment most companies try to wrap any employment issues up by the end up of the year so they can start afresh in the next year. Personal Injury claims if we’ve had typical winter weather this can cause more trips and slips and road traffic accidents.

We also see a rise with Wills & Probate and Matrimonial, Christmas is mostly a time for families to get together which can go one or two ways. Sometimes, Christmas can often cause rifts and other times it helps them to focus their minds on ensuring their loved ones are protected.

  1. What can clients do if they need urgent legal advice over the Christmas period?

If clients need urgent advice over the Christmas period they can still contact their Solicitor as there will be skeleton staff working over the Christmas period. We also have an online chat facility which will be monitored and of course clients can call and leave messages.

We always keep our clients updated with our opening hours over Christmas, so they know how to contact us during the festive period.

  1. What has been your legal highlight of 2019?

Some of our biggest highlights of the year were working closely with our local community and raising money for our charity of the year. We think it is so important to get involved in community projects and offer assistance where we can.

Another highlight for us was improving our presence on social media and this year we started an Instagram account! We also launched a new networking event for business women in Gloucestershire and we are looking forward to seeing this progress.

We’ve had so many different legal highlights of 2019 and we are very excited to see what 2020 has to offer us! On that note, we wish everyone a very happy Christmas and here’s to 2020!


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