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Does sexual stereotyping in the workplace exist?

Businesses in which women are under-represented in senior roles invite speculation that the imbalance results from discriminatory sexual stereotyping. A case in the context of the banking sector highlights, Employment Tribunals (ETs) are required to base their decisions not on perception but hard evidence. Outline of the case The case concerned a female vice-president who…

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Oral offers are easy to make – but make sure it’s on paper!

Those intent on changing jobs can easily have their heads turned by glittering offers of remuneration and benefits made over lunch and a handshake. As one case strikingly highlights, it is written terms of engagement that matter.  Taking expert advice is the best way to avoid bitter disappointment. What happened? The case concerned two very…

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Zero-Hours Contract Music Teacher Triumphs

The teacher was not a casual worker, but worked only during school terms under a zero-hours contract. The trust that ran the school was not required to provide her with a fixed minimum amount of work. The number of hours she worked was dependent on the level of pupil demand for her tuition.  She was…

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Watching your back

Every business person who has that entrepreneurial sixth sense to smell out opportunity and the courage to grasp it will need good professional advice. They might consider any professional advice to be too staid and cautious but after having their fingers burned once, they can see that correct professional advice is indispensable if they are…

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Settling Your Differences

With the current economic uncertainty, the number of Settlement Agreements (previously Compromise Agreements) being offered to employees has greatly increased.  They are typically used in redundancy situations. It is a document that many of us have heard of but what is it and what does it do? In essence, it is a legally binding contract,…

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What is a Liquidated Debt?

Only liquidated debts, for specific amounts which have been ascertained fully and finally, can form the basis of bankruptcy petitions. As a High Court case shows, discerning which debts fall into that category can be far from straightforward. Outline of the Case The case concerned a businesswoman who had engaged in joint ventures to build…

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Financiers – always put your deals in writing!

One would have thought that sophisticated financial professionals engaged in high value deals would have the sense to get their agreements recorded in writing by a professional. However, that is sadly not universal practice and a High Court case illustrated the kind of disputes to which such failures can give rise. Outline of the Case…

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