Why you should make a Will

Over two thirds of the population haven’t made a Will. We highlight 10 reasons why you should make a Will.

Our 10 Top reasons why you should make a Will 

  1. You get to decide what happens to your assets on your death. Without a Will, your estate will pass in accordance with the rules of intestacy which may not be how you wish your estate to be distributed.
  2. You can decide who deals with the administration of your estate. These are your Executors.
  3. Having a Will makes it easier for family and friends to deal with your estate and there is less likely to be conflict as to who gets what.
  4. A Will, if properly drafted, can reduce the amount of IHT payable on your estate
  5. You can choose who you wish to appoint as guardian(s) to any of your children under the age of 18 years.
  6. You can leave a specific amount of money or a specific item, e.g. a family keepsake, to an individual person.
  7. In a Will you can create trusts to help preserve wealth for future generations and protect vulnerable or disabled beneficiaries
  8. If you have children from a previous marriage or relationship, you can make provision in your Will for them to ultimately inherit your estate but still provide for your current partner or spouse.
  9. A Will protects couples who have not married or entered into a civil partnership. Without a Will, they may receive nothing.
  10. The absence of a Will can sometimes lead to disputes within the family.
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