Making a will

When it comes to making a will there is no time like the present. No one wants to think about what will happen to their assets and family in the event of their death, but putting off such an important decision can have significant consequences.

Life is complicated and uncertain which is why planning for such uncertainties is a wise choice. The first step is to seek legal advice. At Tayntons we have will making specialists who will not only guide you through the process but who will also advise and offer support in what can sometimes be an upsetting time.

Writing your will

We are regulated by the Law Society and our friendly and approachable team will work with you in a sensitive manner leaving you with peace of mind. You will always meet with the same Gloucester solicitor who will prepare a draft of your will and register it once you have given it your approval.

Your will should reflect your current circumstances so if there have been any changes in your wishes or situation then your will should be amended accordingly.


If you do not make a will then the estate is divided in accordance with the Law of Intestacy. Your personal wishes may not be honoured and it could place added stress and burden on your loved ones.


At Tayntons we can’t highlight enough just how important the making of a will is. We are members of Certainty, the national registry of wills and we also archive your will for free. Any will we create is automatically registered with Certainty free of charge.

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Contact us

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