Deputy applications

The court of protection can appoint a deputy to make decisions on behalf of someone who is not mentally capable to do so for themselves. The person appointed will need to be over the age of 18 and can be a family member, a friend or a professional person such as a solicitor. If there is nobody appropriate or willing then a solicitor can be appointed.

At Tayntons we can offer expert legal advice for the prospective deputy with regards to the application, the timescale involved and how they must act. We provide ongoing advice should the deputy require it.


There are two types of court protection deputyship; property and affairs and personal welfare. Depending on the circumstances will depend on which type of deputyship you would apply for.

It can be an extremely difficult time for everyone involved if a loved one has lost capacity. Deputyship can be a complex matter and it has vast legalities surrounding it.

At Tayntons we have experience in the area of capacity and understand the importance of giving clear, sympathetic and practical advice.

We would be happy to assist in all aspects of the deputyship from beginning the application to assisting the deputy to manage the deputyship including applying for a statutory will, making decisions for healthcare and accommodation and submitting the annual report to the court.

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